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How is the price of estate jewelry determined?

Pricing estate jewelry is both an art and a science. It requires a high level of experience and expertise as there are no “manufacturers’ retail prices” to be guided by, and often no obvious comparables in the marketplace. Our certified gemologists each have more than 30 years of experience in the gem and jewelry trade. That extensive training and experience are what make it possible to identify and determine the true and fair value of a piece of jewelry. It’s a surprisingly technical yet subtle art, as objective and subjective factors must be taken into account. First, there is a calculation as to the intrinsic value of the material in every piece. For example, how many carats of diamonds are there? Are they genuine and if so, what is the quality of the stones? Are the diamonds GIA certified? Is the gold 14 karat, 18 karat or perhaps platinum? Once the material is defined, weighed and measured, we then look to see if a piece is signed, what era it dates from, what condition it is in, if it has interesting and documented provenance, and so on. In addition, we regularly monitor international auction prices and other online sites to be certain we have the most competitive prices anywhere. If you have any question as to the authenticity or value of any item of jewelry offered on Beladora, we welcome your inquiry in order to provide further information.


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